Jewelry Service Extended

We make taking care of your jewelry easy. With the Jewelry Service Extended, you can make sure your jewelry stays as secure, strong and beautiful as the day you opened the box. With one payment, you get coverage for your jewelry for its lifetime. Plating on any white gold jewelry purchased from us within 12 months along with proof of purchase.

Our Extended Service is:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong replacement
  • Prong retipping
  • Head replacement
  • Earring repair
  • Diamond or color stone tightening
During a Restoration?

Jewelry Restoring your treasured items is a privilege & we take great pride in our every single work. During restoration, you can be assured of the following measures:

  • All items are digitally photographed and examined.
  • Restoration work is completed by our master craftsman.
  • Jewelry is finished and polished by hand.
    Individual Quality Control measures are implemented at all stages of restoration.